There are several different ways you can contribute to the important service Crimestoppers provides to New Zealand communities. Your support will make a difference.

Crimestoppers New Zealand is an independent registered charity that makes it possible for everyone to play their part in making our communities safer from crime. And it works.

We receive around 30 calls every day from people wanting to pass on information about crime without revealing their identity.

We don’t receive government funding – we rely on people like you to get behind us. If you wish to support our service then become a donor. You will make a difference.

Or even better, consider a monthly contribution in your family’s name.

If you’d like to fundraise for us – that’s great. Contact us and we’ll talk.

And remember when you update your will, your bequest will continue to do good by preventing crime in your name.

All donations are tax deductible – receipts will be provided if requested.

You can donate by:

  • Banking directly into the Crimestoppers bank account. The number isĀ 01-0505-0965027-000
  • By posting a cheque to Crimestoppers Trust, PO Box 25372, Wellington 6140.