What information do we want?

You can pass on information to Crimestoppers about any crime or criminal activity that has already happened, even if it’s a while ago, or that is being planned.

There are times when you might not feel comfortable about passing on what you know to the police or other authorities. That’s why Crimestoppers exists – to provide you with an anonymous route to give information about crime.

Some of the things you might want to tell us about are:

  • murders (including ones that happened a while ago)
  • people who grow, manufacture or sell drugs
  • gang or other organised criminal activity
  • family violence and sexual crimes
  • youth crime
  • violence against women, children and the elderly
  • abductions
  • serious assaults and violence
  • illegal weapons
  • robberies
  • thefts of vehicles and from vehicles
  • burglary and receiving of stolen property
  • scrap metal theft
  • stock theft
  • fraud
  • arson
  • people wanted by the police
  • serious traffic offending like repeated drunk or drugged driving
  • illegal activity at work
  • immigration crime, such as people smuggling or human trafficking
  • underage prostitution
  • illegal gambling
  • criminal misuse of identities
  • criminal misuse of computers
  • something that could affect New Zealand’s national security
  • environmental crime like fish poaching or illegal dumping of waste
  • someone who is doing graffiti, tagging or other property damage
  • anything else you don’t want to speak to the police or other authorities about directly

Sometimes the police will appeal for public help to solve serious cases like murders, armed robberies, abductions and violence. They will ask people to contact them with information, or to contact Crimestoppers anonymously.

Often police just need one key piece of information to help solve the crime.  That’s where Crimestoppers comes in – helping people to pass on what they know to police, not who they are.

When to contact other agencies

If you have information about a crime and are happy to give the police or another agency your name and address, you should contact them directly.

Remember too that Crimestoppers is not an emergency service. In an emergency when a crime is being committed right now or has just happened, call 111.