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14 October 2019

For the last six months Crimestoppers have been working on enhancements to our website to ensure it reflects value to our user needs. We are very pleased to launch the new platform on Monday 18th of November. Here is some background to our improved functionality.

i. New crisp look and feel

The landing page has a clear focus on visitors being able to “Make the Call” or “Send a Report” as a priority. The site retains the existing colour scheme with any added information obtained as required by scrolling down or using the landing page tabs.

Image 1: The website landing page (PC version)

New areas on the site include a video introduction to Crimestoppers, a question and answer tab, the ability to donate (we are a charity so all donations are subject to an IRD refund), new community support functions (under construction), the ability to subscribe to updates, campaigns and much more.

ii. Landing page image

The landing page image is of a fingerprint merged with an eye pupil suggesting a focus on the public being empowered to contribute to safer communities through our anonymous platform.

iii. Mobile-friendly

Sixty percent of all website traffic is now mobile, and our platform focuses on making it easy for mobile phone and tablet users. The site also allows any system user to have a good experience including a new quick exit function. Making the call or sending a report are outcomes that should be clear to the user and easily achieved.

iv. Google analytics

Google analytics was missing from the old site and has now been enabled. This allow us report, track and respond to user experiences in the future.

v. Customised reporting forms

The old website had one general reporting form. The updated site has customised forms reflecting the different requirements of the many crimes and misconduct that people may wish to report.

vi. Social media

Our site needs to connect with the latest social media platforms and that functionality is reflected in the new website. Although not there yet, we intend to develop our social media presence in support of this growing focus.

vii. New ideas

Websites are no longer constructed for a term. They are about continuous improvement and development. We would like to hear from anyone with a good idea or suggestions. Just email

Hadyn Smith


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