Serial numbers of stolen firearms released by Police

Police investigating the burglary of a Dargaville gun collector’s home are now able to release a list of the serial numbers of the weapons.

A total of 15 firearms were taken from the residential property on Tuesday night.

On Thursday a list of the firearms (some of which are valued at around $5000.00 each) was released, with an appeal for gun collectors and enthusiasts to contact Police if they see any of them for sale.

“The owner has provided us with a list of the serial numbers and again I am appealing to people in the sports shooting and firearms collector/enthusiast circles, if one of these should cross your path, please get in touch with us” says Detective Inspector Kevin Burke, Northland Police.

“They are obviously in the hands of criminals but they are worth a lot of money and that may motivate someone to try and sell them on” he says.

The serial numbers are as follows;

Walther P99 Pistol                           01322401

POF MP5K SMG                                 A11975

Taurus .357 Revolver                      NG976446

Colt .45 1911SS                                  SS38703

AKS74U Assault Rifle                       699330

IDS M4 Carbine MG4A5                 08009425

Arsenal AK AR M9F                          AB486918

AKM Russian                                      TY8535

IZHMASH AK74                                  2500786

IZHMASH AK74                                  5355562

M70B1                                                  386700

Uberti Evil Roy Revolver                ER3820

Uberti Evil Roy Revolver                ER3881

Walther P38                                       4396C

Walther PP                                         430878

The owner has also provided Police with images that are the best likeness of the stolen firearms.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Whangarei Police on 09 430 4520.

Information can also be given anonymously to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.