There is nothing good about stolen goods

Police is proud to be partnering with Crimestoppers for the campaign “There’s nothing good about stolen goods” which targets those responsible for receiving and dealing in stolen property from aggravated robberies.

The month long campaign is in response to a rise in violent robberies occurring in some communities across New Zealand, particularly in South Auckland. It offers a reward to people who provide information that leads to a successful prosecution.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush says the campaign is part of the Police response to a rise in the number of violent robberies occurring in some communities across New Zealand, particularly in South Auckland.

“NZ Police are deeply concerned about the rise in this violent crime –due to its significant impact on small business owners and their workers and communities,” says Mr Bush.

“Additional Police resources have been directed to focus on the increase in aggravated robberies that we have seen recently, with new taskforces dedicated to catching offenders, additional staff on patrol and supporting retailers to undertake preventive activities.”

“This campaign provides us with another tool to tackle aggravated robberies.  By targeting those who profit from these crimes by trading in stolen shop and dairy goods such as cigarettes and alcohol, we’re aiming to make a serious dent in the opportunity for these crimes to be committed.”

“Crimestoppers is an avenue that Police use to enable members of the community to provide information on crimes anonymously, and we encourage anyone who has information which could help us identify offenders to use that option if they are not comfortable contacting their local Police or providing their details to us.”

“Police will be offering a reward for any information provided to Crimestoppers as part of this stolen goods campaign that leads to a successful prosecution.  It’s important to note however that to be eligible for a reward you will need to provide your details to Crimestoppers when you call.”

The Crimestoppers campaign and associated reward offer will initially run until the end of June.