Counterfeit Bank Notes


Police have received a number of reports of counterfeit bank notes ($20, $50 and $100 denominations) being used at retailers around the North Island.

Typically offenders have gone into shops and supermarkets, purchased a small item using a large denomination note and then received legitimate cash as change.

Senior Sergeant King of the Wellington District Command Centre says that retailers should be alert to this practice.

For information to help identify counterfeit notes, people can go to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand website ( and look under “notes and coins”.

Senior Sergeant King says if retailers are suspicious about cash being used in their shops, they should take the following action.  Consider refusing to accept the note, record the description of the person offering it, if possible record the number plate and description of any vehicle used by the person, and call the Police either on their local number or 111, preferably while the person in still in or near the shop.

Retailers should consider their own safety first when dealing with such people.




Read more about this threat on the Police NZ website.