March brings highest monthly call total

The latest statistics from Crimestoppers indicate a continuing increase in support from the community for the anonymous service.

In March, the Call Centre received more than 1,200 calls. This is the highest monthly total, by more than 100, achieved in the first 30 months of operations. It is also the highest call rate (39 per day) and the highest number of calls with enough information for police to consider taking action (more than 400).

In 30 months, Crimestoppers has received more than 23,500 calls with nearly 8,000 calls having information sufficient for police to consider taking further action.

“This increasing community use of the Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 line and the online message form confirms that there is a growing percentage of the community becoming more aware of the opportunity Crimestoppers provides to give information about crime and criminals anonymously,” says Lou Gardiner, CEO Crimestoppers.

“The anonymity offered empowers the individual to do something about crime in their community.”

There is no doubt the more information, in both quality and quantity, the Police receive about crime will drive up the crime resolution rate and in time push down the level of offending. Ultimately, a high resolution rate becomes a crime prevention strategy, as opportunists decide not to follow through with committing crime, as the chances of being caught are too high.

Crimestoppers is an independent organisation dedicated to providing an anonymous means for people to give information on crime. This information is provided via the 0800 555 111 line or the encrypted online message form found on the website at

Any further inquiries can be made to Crimestoppers.