Crimestoppers continues its winning ways

Crimestoppers has now been operating for 29 months in New Zealand and new milestones continue to be achieved.

In February, the highest daily call rate was achieved at 37 calls per day. In the last three months, nearly 3,300 calls have been recorded with over 1,070 calls being actionable. This adds up to over 22,300 calls and nearly 7,500 actionable in those 29 months.

In that time well over 500 charges have been laid. A recent operation netted a good supply of drugs and well over $70,000. Invariably in these drug busts stolen goods and illegal weapons are found.

Chief Executive Lou Gardiner says in those 29 months drugs still dominate the information flow that is coming in with 63% of calls on this crime type.

“It is a crime that really does concern the community as it causes a considerable amount of other crime and anti-social behaviour.”

He says the dishonesty crime is closely connected with drugs as addicts need funds to fed their addiction and drug manufacturers and suppliers need funds for equipment and ingredients for drug manufacture and growing.

“Law abiding citizens need to vigilant about not generating a market for stolen goods. Criminals don’t usually steal for themselves, they steal to sell and produce funds. New Zealanders want bargains and they form a ready and dare I say an enthusiastic market for these stolen goods.

“When you buy these goods there is a high likelihood you are funding drug production and other criminal activity. I call on all New Zealanders to stop being in denial and ask some questions about the origin of the items being purchased.”

Mr Gardiner says if purchasers questioned the origin of goods, especially those being sold well under market prices, it will put the “heat” back on criminals.

“So my appeal is that those who are offered items at prices which are ‘too good to be true’ at least try and check out the origins of the item.”

If you have information about crime and criminals you can provide that information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by using the online form.