Integrity Lines

Theft of goods or money, harassment or bullying, unsafe work practices, using illegal drugs, or using an organisation's IT or facilities illegally are all too common. Yet any good business needs to know it’s doing what it can to offer a safe workplace for its people.

By offering your staff a free and anonymous number to report crime at work, you’re sending a message that you’re serious about making your workplace free from crime. And you’re supporting our charitable work, so we can continue to provide the Crimestoppers call service to all New Zealanders.

  • This is a good governance call – make it now.
  • Your auditor will tell you that you are now following your legal obligations as an employer by offering this service.
  • Your HR Manager will tell you that you  are now putting in place a key step that  helps ensure workplace safety – this is especially important as  current and forthcoming legislation is enforcing compliance in this area more rigorously.
  • And you mean what you say about your staff being able to speak up.
  • You also mean what you say about ensuring a safe work environment for them in New Zealand and Australia.
  • If you’re publicly funded, you should guard against fraud.
  • By partnering with us, you’ll be supporting the general public Crimestoppers line and be eligible for a 33% tax charity rebate on your costs.
  • If you wish, you can decide on workplace themes you want to promote and we will provide you with the promotional tools.
  • Prevent your reputation being severely damaged by even one publicly reported staff incident.

Email: Corporate enquiries online form for more information.