Useful links

Many organisations have information on actions you can take to help prevent crime and avoid becoming a crime victim yourself. Here is a list of information and resources that will help you protect your family, business, home and vehicles.

Remember, 1 in 4 calls provide enough detail for police to consider taking action. You can help prevent crime by passing on what you know to Crimestoppers.
Our sister organisation, Crimestoppers UK, has a website for young people. It explains how young people can take action using Crimestoppers.
New Zealand Police has a range of safety advice and information, including videos.
New Zealand Police has advice specifically for retailers, small business operators and their staff to help prevent crime and identify criminal activity and offenders.
The Serial Number Action Partnership allows you to enter serial numbers and photographs of your valuables so you can give your records to Police if you lose items in a burglary.
Neighbourhood Support has useful fact sheets on your home and property, neighbours, holiday security, driving tips, vehicles, dishonesty, law and the older person and violence.
Crimestoppers UK has a range of advice on preventing crime.
Registering lost or stolen items on this website will increase visibility, prevent re-sale and ultimately aid recovery. Buyers or traders of second hand goods can search the site to reduce the risk of buying or trading stolen goods.
A product is available that you can use to protect your property against theft. It is an identifier that has a unique signature which identifies the owner of that property just as DNA identifies an individual.
The Citizens’ Advice Bureau offers advice to the public free of charge on a range of subjects.
The Ministry of Justice has a range of policy papers on crime prevention.