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Crimestoppers has been fortunate to receive financial and pro bono support from a variety of partners who believe the work we do contributes to a better New Zealand.


We are grateful to the following businesses and organisations for their continued support.

Crimestoppers NZ | Commercial Partner Vodafone

Vodafone is proud to provide connectivity and support to Crimestoppers NZ.


Vodafone New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s leading digital services and connectivity companies, and we believe every New Zealander will thrive with access to the world’s best digital services.

We offer more than 3 million connections to Consumer and Business customers, and our existing mobile network covers 98.5% of where Kiwis live, work and play.


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Who are Crimestoppers?

Crimestoppers New Zealand (Crimestoppers) was formed in 2009. The catalyst for our formation was the theft of medals (including nine Victoria Crosses, two George Medals and one Albert Medal) from the National Army Museum in Waiouru in 2007.


Crimestoppers is an internationally recognised charity that supports better communities by addressing crime through a best practice anonymous reporting system. It uses the freephone number 0800 555 111 and website as its base platform with all information filtered through a communication centre that we oversee.

Our anonymous and independent reporting process opens information doors and allows people to be good citizens no matter what their circumstances. Our integrity and standing in New Zealand are built on the absolute proposition that we will never allow our sources to be identified.


Although Crimestoppers works closely with the Police, Customs, Immigration and Corrections to ensure that those with genuine knowledge of criminal activity are independently given every possible opportunity to report what they know, we are totally independent and are not an enforcement agency.

Why are we seeking commercial partnerships?

Crimestoppers is funded by the MOU partners (Police, Customs, Immigration and Corrections), charitable public donations, commercial partnerships and returns from our integrity lines (used to report workplace safety issues). We want to raise awareness of our service with new audiences such as millennials and for that to happen we need more income.

It is our intention to endorse or partner with a small number of commercial organisations to form a trusted group that can use or be connected to our brand. We want to explore green-field opportunities that can enhance and add value to a small number of new brands, grow our funding base and raise community awareness.

What is the model we seek?

We are seeking a small number of non-competing entities to sharing the entire Crimestoppers platform almost at an exclusive level. Crimestoppers is a large operation when the NZ based call centre is taken into account, but only has a small dedicated staff and in order to ensure we can service our commercial partners, we are seeking a small but niche partnership structure.

What can we offer?

You know your brand better than we ever will so it’s important that you are aware of and select the areas of brand value or exposure that can form a part of any relationship with Crimestoppers. We also have to be considerate of our relationship with the authorities and can only progress a relationship if they are comfortable with the direction or values outlined in the final proposal. Partnership opportunities could include any or all of the following:

Where to from here?

Brand value is a two-way street and we recognise that. We have two aims in the partnership space. For Crimestoppers to provide a best practice anonymous Crimeline for the New Zealand public and to add new brand value to your company’s products and services.

We believe that Crimestoppers is an iconic and respected New Zealand brand that your company and your people will be proud to be associated with and more vitally, this is a chance to apply some alternate thinking and expand your product integrity and audience. Importantly, at some point, our values and your values must connect but not compromise what both our organisations stand for.

For more information contact Crimestoppers CEO - Hadyn Smith


Prevent your reputation being severely damaged by even one publicly reported staff incident.

Enquire about the Crimestoppers Integrity Line.

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