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There are ways to be safer online when reporting a crime.

Learn what you can do to protect yourself if you need to remain anonymous.


When giving information about criminal activity, hiding your browser history might be helpful. Different browsers have different names for their private browsing, such as Incognito Mode, Private Browsing and InPrivate Browsing.


Ultimately, they all do the same: They do not save your browsing history, and any information you enter will be forgotten by your computer once you close the browser, adding an extra layer of protection for you.

If remaining anonymous is a concern for you or if you share laptops, tablets and/or mobiles with the person you intend to report, please read the information below to learn more.


However, note that this does not hide your activity from your internet provider or your employer. Read the individual instructions for your browser to fully understand the particular details of each browser. 

Click on the browser icon you have installed to learn more. If you do not know which browser you have, find out here.

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If you are suspicious that there is also a real possibility that your partner, your boss or someone with malicious intent is spying on you by recording what you type on the computer, learn about keyloggers here, and also here​.


Crimestoppers’ promise of anonymity has never been broken.

To give information anonymously to Crimestoppers now, call 0800 555 111 or fill out our secure, anonymous online report.

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Worried about something that doesn't seem right to you? Concerned about activity that could be harmful?

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