Who we are

Crimestoppers is an independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees. It was established in New Zealand in 2009.  

Crimestoppers is an independent charity that provides an anonymous and simple way for people to pass on information about crime via a 24/7 free telephone number and a secure online Giving Information Form.

We aim to reduce victimisation and prevent and solve crime. Working together we can make it harder for criminals to operate and less likely that people in our community will become victims of crime.

Crimestoppers was established in New Zealand in October, 2009 with assistance from its sister organisation, Crimestoppers UK.

Our patron is Lord Ashcroft KCMG, the founder of Crimestoppers UK.

Board of Trustees

John Perham – Chairman

John Perham

“When former Police Commissioner Broad asked me to consider the viability of establishing Crimestoppers in New Zealand, the murder trial relating to the Kahui twins was in the news. It was shocking. A free phone channel with the guarantee of anonymity for all callers, may well have encouraged someone who knew what was happening to call – with the consequence that those babies may still be alive today.

“Crimestoppers now provides that free phone channel and anonymity guarantee so that anyone with information about any type of criminal behaviour can bring that information to the attention of law enforcement agencies. They can be certain that neither their identity nor the phone number from which they called can be traced. In short, people can now provide valuable information anonymously and without fear of retribution.”

John Perham brings a range of experience to his role as Chair of the Crimestoppers Trust. He owns Strategic Resolutions Ltd, has provided advisory services to NZ Police and has been Commissioner and CEO of the Department of Inland Revenue. He was also CE and Trustee of the National Provident Fund (NZ).

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Mark Evans – Board Director

Mark EvansAs a current member of the New Zealand Police Executive, Mark Evans OBE, MBA, BA (Hons) is a law enforcement professional and has been involved in policing for 20 years. He has previously worked in the UK, Estonia and Australia on a range of projects – all focused on catching criminals quickly and reducing crime.

Mark is also a University teacher, a frequent contributor to academic and professional journals and delivers training courses internationally on beating crime. In 2006 his contribution to policing in Northern Ireland was recognised with a royal honour.

“Over 20 years of dealing with some truly awful crimes I know how valuable Crimestoppers is. We police in New Zealand with the support of communities and for those who wish to remain anonymous, Crimestoppers offers the best way to communicate information about crime and criminals.

“My aim is to ensure that Crimestoppers provides a reliable, anonymous service which compliments the work being done by policing professionals across the country every day. I have seen serious offenders caught, harmful drugs seized, property recovered and lots of crime solved and prevented because a member of the public called Crimestoppers. It really does work.”

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Allan Freeth – Board Director

Allan FreethAllan has extensive experience in business with senior executive positions at Trust Bank, Chief Executive of Wrightson and more recently, TelstraClear.

He has been active in the charity and not-for-profit sectors and is committed to improving New Zealand and life in its communities.

Phillip Meyer – Board Director

Phillip MeyerPhillip has been an investment banker for most of his career. He was based in Europe for some years, initiating the derivatives markets in the early 80s.

“My work also involved major fund raising transactions for both governments and private companies in USA, Asia, Africa and Australia. My role as financial adviser on the Sydney Olympics Bid team was a highlight.

“As a director for more than 20 years, I enjoy the team involvement in governance. Crimestoppers in Australia is well known and I believe there is a valuable place for Crimestoppers in New Zealand as well. The support for and involvement with the public is key to helping reduce crime in our communities.”

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Gavin Jones – Board Director

Gavin JonesGavin has a background in law enforcement.  He retired from NZ Police in 2009 at the rank of Assistant Commissioner following 36 years service.  Since retirement, Gavin has continued to work for Police in an advisory capacity.  He is also a panellist for the Judicial Control Authority (JCA), an independent statutory authority constituted under the Racing Act.

Gavin has been on the Board and a Trustee since Crimestoppers was established in 2009.  He is hugely enthusiastic about the role Crimestoppers plays in helping to ensure that NZ is a safe place to live, work and visit.

Gavin strongly believes that crime is both predictable and preventable. On that basis he says there are significant opportunities to reduce offending and victimisation by ‘target hardening’ places and people to prevent a crime before it occurs.

“Crimestoppers provides the infrastructure, tools and commitment to work with the community and Police to contribute to this process in a real and meaningful way.”

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