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Give information on crime anonymously online.

If you are reporting information as in the table below, then please take the indicated action and do not fill out a Crimestoppers form, as we are unable to help you. Otherwise, please scroll down to fill out the form.

What information do you have? Action
Injury, serious risk, crime in progress Please call 111 immediately
You want to speak with Police Please call the Police directly – to find a Police Station number go to
You are a crime victim and want the crime investigated
You want information
You are reporting lost/stolen property
You have a Western Union query about money sent overseas Please call Western Union 0800 005 253
Urgent (non-injury) traffic Please call *555
Non-urgent driving issues Refer to Roadwatch
Online scams or spam Refer to

Before you give information you may want to find out what information we want, and what we mean by “anonymous” – please use the links below:

What information do we want?

What we mean by anonymous

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Who do you think is the wrong-doer?

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What is the address of wrong-doer?

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When did or will the crime occur?

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How do you know?

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Was a vehicle involved in the crime?

If yes, please give registration number (if you know it), colour, make, model details, distinguishing features (signage, dents, etc.)


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Has this crime previously been reported via Crimestoppers?

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