About “Nail em”

Crimestoppers in conjunction with NZXAgri and the countries stock agents will launch “Nail em” as a nationwide campaign to nail stock theft.

What happens next?

With industry professionals we’ve mapped out what we think needs to happen next to address this issue.

Crimestoppers in conjunction with NZXAgri and the countries stock agents will launch ‘Nail em ‘ as a nationwide campaign to nail stock theft by making 2 strategic moves …

1) We’ll encourage a greater level of stock theft reporting from farmers to build an intelligence picture for ourselves and for Police.

How we’ll do it:

  • Our media partner NZX-Agri Media will provide a website where farmers and stock agents can tell each other where, what and when they think stock theft is taking place.
  • By stimulating additional social media to facilitate a conversation about what’s happening.

What will happen to the information received?

  • The information received will be handled by District and National Police Intelligence Units. Analysis of that information will very quickly paint a picture of where stock theft is occurring and which kinds of stock are being targeted.

What are the benefits of the information received?

Rural communities will become more aware of criminal activity in   their districts. This will result in an increase in personal   awareness and precautionary behaviour.

2) We’ll ask stock agents to join the campaign – and tighten up their own game.

As with any other sector, stock trading will have wrongdoing occurring along its supply chain. By joining this campaign, agents can carry Crimestoppers’ mark of assurance as their insurance.

We will call for stock agents to sign onto ‘Bring em in’ at Mystery Creek in June 2013. Joining the campaign will mean receiving a range of awareness-raising materials to use throughout their business, and subscribing to the anonymous call line Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

Our call takers will be fully briefed on this campaign and will be able to send information received directly to the companies involved.

Creating partnerships with like-minded people.

Crimestoppers is currently in active, working  partnerships with Police, NZ Post, The Radio Network, Federated Farmers and Rural Women.

This partnership operates the largest crime prevention campaign targeted specifically to our rural sector. Our next campaign, ‘Nail em’, will be targeted at rural stock theft.

  • Its stakeholders will be farmers, stock agents, merchants, chemical, fertilizer and other suppliers, as well as rural media and community groups.
  • Crimestoppers maintains a close working relationship with Police, and we have charitable status, so we get great community support for our campaigns.

Offering staff a number to report anonymously on suspected wrongdoing will immediately achieve two outcomes:

a)  Give staff a sense of assurance and participation.

b)  Identify any criminal activity that needs to be followed up.

Join Us…

Call 09 912 3555 or email for more info to Maggie@crimestoppers-nz.org